Born in Warrington, I lived and worked there until the magnetic pull of living in Dorset became too great!

After moving to Dorset in 1994 I decided to change careers from commercial finance to personal training. The development of my training business has continually evolved as I learn from experts in diverse fields all over the world, from Finland to Boston Massachusetts!

I believe in always testing myself and have been to the limits of physical and mental endurance - 5 full marathons, ridden the infamous Cresta Run in St Moritz 9 times, free-climbed the Thelwall Viaduct, parachuted, and over the last 5 years I have done the following:

2006 - my first and only bodybuilding competition, to prove that I could could do it!
2007 - Weymouth Sprint Triathlon
2008 - the inaugural Yoga Aid in Britain, completing the 108 Sun Salutations in 2 hours, 29 min
Here it is time-lapsed down to under 3 mins!
2009 - Dorset Dirt 50km off-road mountain bike race
2010 - THUMP Boxing Level 3 Super Advanced course
2011 - Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Boston (April), Maiden Castle Loop (July), and to follow...
29 October at the Yoga Show in London

I consider myself very fortunate in being happily married with two sons; I am very fit and healthy; I love what i do for a living; and I live where I want to be

So, here I am - a personal trainer in Dorset!